Well Drilling

Kampco Pumps & Dewatering has extensive experience of installing and testing water supply boreholes. Kampco Pumps & Dewatering uses both rotary and cable percussion drill rigs capable of installing wells of up to 450 mm finished bore and up to 200 m depth.

Well development is essential to maximise performance and may also be used to rehabilitate old supply wells. Kampco Pumps & Dewatering offers a range of techniques including airlift, jetting, surge blocks and acidisation (in chalk).

Kampco Pumps & Dewatering can advise on well specification, development and testing regimes to meet any required performance criteria, and can liaise with the Environment Agency and other statutory authorities to obtain any necessary approvals or licenses. Kampco Pumps & Dewatering is a member of the British Drilling Association and the Well Drillers Association.