2.1.1 Well Point

2.1.1 At the required level pre augured bore holes of dia 150mm is made at a spacing of 1.5m to 2m c/c. Into this hole 40mm dia UPVC pipe is inserted. The space around the well point is covered with filter material.

2.1.2 Well Point

2.1.2 These well points are then connected to the header pipe and the header pipe is connected to the vacuum pump. Upon starting the pump the water is drawn through the well points and the water table is lowered further. The excavation is continued to a level where water is encountered. At this level second stage well point system is installed and the process is continued till the final excavation level is reached.

2.1.3 Well Point

2.1.3 Multi Stage Well point System, if the water level is not lowered to the required level by the single system of well point, another well point system is installed at lower level (Multi Stage Well point System)