Dewatering Pump

W &P England dewatering pump, model DP-150, 150mm fully automatic, positive priming diesel engine drive pump, 30HP, Maximum flow 400M3/Hr; Maximum head 30M.

  • W & P pump dP-150 fitted with automatic vacuum priming system commonly used in construction projects for municipal applications including irrigation and storm water control.
  • Suitable for operation in high humid, hot or low temperature conditions.
  • Hard wearing materials SS.316 Cast Iron and Bronze.
  • Move clean & dirty water.
  • Automatic Priming and re-priming.
  • Surge Protection System – prevents water escaping and damaging exhauster.
  • Improved Guard design – More safety, Less Vibration & Noise.
  • Better Suction lift, efficient Water Handling.
  • Low noise sound reduction canopy (optional).
  • Four wheel site trailer, two wheel road trailer or skid mounting.
6" DIA: GI Header Pipes

6 " DIA: GI header pipes with quick action couplings leading the suction line to the pump.

1.3 Well Point

1.3 Well point riser assembly will be UPVC units, shatter proof, with 1M long slotted filter.

4 Armored Flexible Swings

4 Armored flexible swings, 1m long of European origin.

1.5 Jetting Pump

1.5 Jetting Pump, model JP75 or JP100, P&W England, 84 Cu. M/Hr capacity, 90m head on trolley chassis powered by Duetz diesel engine.

  • High Pressure mobile pumps commonly used in construction sites.
  • Sutaible for operation in high humid, hot or low temperature conditions.
  • Move clean & dirty water.
  • Automatic Priming and re - priming (optional).
  • Surge Protection System - prevents water escaping and damaging exhauster (optional).
  • Improved guard design - More Safety, Less Vibration & Noice.
  • Better suction lift, efficient water handling.
  • Low nosie sound reduction canopy (optional).
  • Two wheel / Four wheel chassis.
1.6 DP-400, Heavy Duty Production Drill Head

1.6 DP-400, Heavy Duty Production Drill Head c/w 41mm. hex drives, excavator mounting links, sub hoses and priority flow control valve with 140mm dia x 1.5 mtr. long drill auger and 150mm dia H.D Tungsten Carbide rock head.

    Heavy Duty drill machines used extensively for constrution tasks. Readily fitted as an attachment to cranes,excavators and Trucks. Standard and heavy duty models provides an economical solution to all general purpose vertical drilling requirements. Efficient performance, high retrun on capital, and low running cost make these drills a favorite with user.
  • Wide Application - Ensures maximum utilization within differing construction requirements.Pneumatic hammer compatible.
  • Extensive range - Covers differing hole diameters and depths.
  • Simple Installation - Can be fitted easy to various equipmentsin a short time.
  • Variable strokes - Up to 7M at one operation decreases constrution time.
  • Long Term Reliability - Reduces maintainance costs.
  • Hard wearing materials - Extensive use of 316 SS on wearing parts assists long operational life.
  • Use of lift machine hydraulicseliminates the need for an additional power pack.
  • Simple Operating Procedures allow fast operator familiarity.
  • Spare Parts Convertability allows common parts to be used on different mechines.
1.7 3"and6" W&P Submersible Electric Pumps.

W&P low and medium flow pump's efficient performance and simple design make these pumps a favorite with users. The pumps are adaptable for use in broad range of different applications; and provide high utilization, high return on capital, and low running cost.

1.8 Sedimentation Tank.

The sedimentation tank consist of tranquilization zone to trap the sand and discharge area to make sure that the water discharged is free of sand and other floating material. This is
achieved by providing patrician in the tank.